What is 7SIM?

Focused, Systematic, Process Improvement Training

7SIM is an effective business improvement methodology that adds change management and business improvement skills to your professional development.

7SIM training will skill you up to improve business processes with a 7 step method that is Simple, Inclusive and Methodical.

The 7SIM improvement framework is applied in two ways:

  1. To systematically improve processes by using a highly integrated, robust 7-step method.
  2. To bring improvement to daily operations using a series of clever business tools.

The beauty of 7SIM is that it is accessible to everyone, written in plain English and free of jargon.  You will find 7SIM useful if you are a:

  • CEO – To equip your people with improvement skills to make your vision a reality.
  • Human Resource Manager - To access the best, most flexible, state-of-the art online improvement training that is priced to train thousands without impeding the training budget.
  • Influential early adopter – You are a person that is highly respected and influential. You get onboard with positive change straight away.  7SIM will give you easy-to-use tools to introduce change that is sustainable.
  • Professional promoted from speciality – 7SIM will give you tools to assist you to manage and lead people.
  • Expert – Stand out in the job market as a business improvement specialist and team builder.  7SIM skills will aid you to deploy projects and deliver profound improvements quickly.





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 7SIM Testimonials

7SIM makes the management and carriage of change management easier for the novice.  For the experienced change managers, it allows you to focus on the complex and large change projects without having to create the tools to undertake the work so your attention is on your people and the change.  I love 7SIM.

Pelagia Markogiannakis, J-SAP WAM Jemena

I came to 7SIM needing to learn some ways of transforming strategic initiatives into real actions for front line staff.   CALM succeeded spectacularly in equipping me in that regard.

Julian Rouse, Western Power

I did 7SIM training very early on in my career.  It has been one training course which I have walked away with real tangible skills and knowledge in which I could apply immediately to my work and workplace.  It has fundamentally changed they way I work and the way I run my projects.  It provided me with a toolbox and skills which I still draw on and refer to today.  The methodology taught within 7SIM is transferable across organisations and industries.  This is a highly recommended course.

Rowena Leung, Manager Business Readiness AGL Retail