7SIM Case Studies

The following examples provide an indication of the successful application of 7SIM systematic improvement across a range of sectors.  These are all large 7SIM projects.  Smaller projects and the thousands of applications of the individual 7SIM tools are not presented:

7SIM Case Study Details Achievements

Review of Pathology Laboratories

Systematic reviews of two pathology laboratories (Haematology and Microbiology) using the 7SIM® business improvement method.

Improvement recommendations received with high acclaim by clinical, scientific and corporate client groups.

Recommendations included improvements to throughput, training, organisation, culture and process.

Capital Project Management in Water

A project that realigned and prioritised the capital project management process to deliver better projects sooner.

The review provided recommendations that would deliver:

  • 80% Projects completed on-time within milestones programmed.
  • 95% Projects completed within financial year milestones.
  • 95% of budget allocated expended or committed in the proceeding financial year.
  • Improved confidence in the quality of work from engineering consultancies.
  • Improved confidence in the quality of contract work.
  • Expertise in program, project and contract management improved from 62% to 85%.

A 7SIM Core Process Review
[Electricity Multi-National]

The reinvention of the resource planning and scheduling processes in an asset management firm.

A comprehensive and complex analysis of how a major Victorian utility managed its resources to handle a greater workload with less overhead.
The review provided recommendations that deliver:

  • 40% improvement on national EBIT.
  • 35 processes reduced to two.
  • Leverage 20% increase in workload capacity (freeing up for growth).
  • Annual reduction of sub-contractor appointments by 13% or $1.5M.
  • Annual reduction in overtime by 20% or $0.5M.
  • Projects on-time 80% within two month window (currently approx. 80% on six month).
  • Projects delivered at real planned cost 80% of the time.
  • Growth targets for FY05/06 met.
  • Ratio field to project to 2:1 (currently 1:1.5).

Reengineering Biomedical Technology using 7SIM

[Government Agency]

Reengineering of client-facing processes in a state-wide biomedical technology service to hospitals and medical units.

Implementation of all 15 recommendations that reinvented the way biomedical technology asset management, service, repair and replacement.

Improved processes included the franchising of customer service across a state-wide operation ensuring consistency of service regardless of location.

Project Management,

Business Improvement using 7SIM

[Electricity & Gas Multi-National]

Mass Market Billing project.
Improve efficiency and decrease re-work in the billing section of an electricity distribution authority.

Using the 7SIM business improvement method, formed a Change Team, mapped the current processes, identified the waste and inefficiency, defined the better way including system support requirements and made the requisite changes.

7SIM Customer Connections in Electricity Distribution Project

A 7SIM project that delivered a seamless process where the customer was provided with a responsive, efficient connection to the electricity network.

Reduction in time to connect customers by 10%.

More optimised despatch of connection orders to field teams.

Reduced unit connection cost to less than $100 per connection.

Reduced customer complaints for new connections.
Better visibility delays in customer service.

The ability to measure process effectiveness.

7SIM Transmission System Connectivity Change Process Project

Optimise the connectivity change process across a state electricity authority by bringing disparate parties together to reinvent the process.

Successful communication and improvement assignment using CALM system control expertise resulting in:

  • Modifications to the end-to-end process.
  • Unilateral communication between departments.
  • Accountability for the sub-processes.
  • Allocation of time and quality performance indicators across each stage of the process.
  • Established the process guide.

7SIM Projects arising from Business Self Assessments in Defence Logistics Units

CALM Consulting has overseen Defence Logistics conduct of business self-assessments using the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF).  CALM has provided 7SIM® training to 89 Defence logisticians.  This has provided a systematic method for Defence units to conduct projects resulting from these ABEF self-assessments.

Every Defence Logistics unit has 7SIM® trained facilitators to conduct improvement projects resulting from ABEF self-assessments.  To date 15 projects are complete that have raised the competency for the respective unit.

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 7SIM Testimonials

7SIM makes the management and carriage of change management easier for the novice.  For the experienced change managers, it allows you to focus on the complex and large change projects without having to create the tools to undertake the work so your attention is on your people and the change.  I love 7SIM.

Pelagia Markogiannakis, J-SAP WAM Jemena

I came to 7SIM needing to learn some ways of transforming strategic initiatives into real actions for front line staff.   CALM succeeded spectacularly in equipping me in that regard.

Julian Rouse, Western Power

I did 7SIM training very early on in my career.  It has been one training course which I have walked away with real tangible skills and knowledge in which I could apply immediately to my work and workplace.  It has fundamentally changed they way I work and the way I run my projects.  It provided me with a toolbox and skills which I still draw on and refer to today.  The methodology taught within 7SIM is transferable across organisations and industries.  This is a highly recommended course.

Rowena Leung, Manager Business Readiness AGL Retail