7SIM Benefits: Stand out from the crowd

In reality, 7SIM is a fast track to rapid promotion and career advancement.  Ask yourself:  How many people spend time working ON the business to make it more efficient to work IN the business?  The answer? Very (very) few people.  So stand out from the crowd.  7SIM provides the edge, that extra skill set that separates the great from the good.  You will learn business process improvement tools that improve career prospects radically through change management and leadership training.

7SIM provides you:


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The methodology taught within 7SIM is transferable across organisations and industries. This is a highly recommended course. read more
- Rowena Leung, Manager Business Readiness AGL Retail
Excellent. Plenty of real skills development that will assist in the workplace read more
- 7SIM Graduate feedback on whether they feel equipped to contribute to an improvement project in their organisation.
Many thanks for the really rich opportunity you are providing me with via the 7SIM training. I really love the flexibility of the online learning. I am able to find spaces that suit my working week... read more
- Simon Matthews, Executive Director, Christian Schools Tasmania
7SIM has increased my confidence in managing projects with stakeholders. I have regularly applied the tool with great success, and as a project manager in a new business area it has provided me... read more
- Maria Farrugia, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Coordinator VicRoads