7SIM Benefits: Stand out from the crowd

In reality, 7SIM is a fast track to rapid promotion and career advancement.  Ask yourself:  How many people spend time working ON the business to make it more efficient to work IN the business?  The answer? Very (very) few people.  So stand out from the crowd.  7SIM provides the edge, that extra skill set that separates the great from the good.  You will learn business process improvement tools that improve career prospects radically through change management and leadership training.

7SIM provides you:


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7SIM makes the management and carriage of change management easier for the novice. For the experienced change managers, it allows you to focus on the complex and large change projects without... read more
- Pelagia Markogiannakis, J-SAP WAM Jemena
I really want to thank you for the opportunity to learn more about 7SIM. I am so impressed with every aspect of your 7SIM training program read more
- Keryn Moore, FNTAA Tax Agent and Accountant
I came to 7SIM needing to learn some ways of transforming strategic initiatives into real actions for front line staff. CALM succeeded spectacularly in equipping me in that regard. read more
- Julian Rouse, Western Power
The methodology taught within 7SIM is transferable across organisations and industries. This is a highly recommended course. read more
- Rowena Leung, Manager Business Readiness AGL Retail